The mad dog

IMG_9609I was in our farm and this is our dog “snoop”. He was so sad, because he lost his mother week ago before I took this picture and other ones of him, I was in a hurry and he was running and it was hard to freeze him with slow shutter speed, so I turned on my flash i took two pictures and soddenly the flash turned off ! I had no backup batteries for the flash, so I turned off my camera and went to back home. While I was editing my pictures, I saw this picture and forgot about the two pictures that I took with my flash I was so happy about it. it looks nice and sharp, the sunset, the way he looks at the flash, it was the second time that I took pictures outdoor with a flash..

Equipment :

  • Camera : Canon 70D
  • Lens : 18-55mm
  • Flash : Neeweer

Camera Settings :

  • Shutter speed was  1/80s.
  • Aperture was f/18.
  • iso was 200.
  • Flash power 1/4

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